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Blast From the Past: June 2007

Prowling through the archives just now looking for a post I vaguely remember which, if it exists, has some information that would brighten up a column I am trying to write, I ran across this instead. Enjoy. Or ignore. Whatever … Continue reading

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Worthwhile questions or grumpy old bastard? I Facebook, you decide.

So this is something I did today because I felt like doing something today in lieu of straightening up the mess that is my desk. I mean, who knows what horrors might lie at the bottom of pile #2? This … Continue reading

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That time I went to Germany with a bunch of beer people and had dinner 300 meters underground.

Here’s a another blast from the past out of the Liquid Diet archives. This is what happened one day in 2003 while I was traveling with a group of beer wholesalers and other media on a tour provided by importer … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to that beer I liked last time I was here?

Harry Schuhmacher got me thinking with these remarks in this morning’s edition of Beer Business Daily: After attending the Craft Brewers Conference and talking with many big and small and tiny brewers this week in Philly, a few things occurred to me: … Continue reading

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Irony is us. A look back at CBC & the World Beer Cup.

Pennsylvania breweries did themselves proud in the World Beer Cup judging at the Craft Brewers Conference in Philadelphia last week, especially those in the immediate region. As is almost always the case in these instances, it was Iron Hill Brewery … Continue reading

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Victory Anniversary 20 Experimental IPA

The celebratory anniversary beers from Victory just keep coming, and who would argue with that? This 5.5% IPA probably has a tad too much strength for the purists but I would not quarrel with anyone who call it a session … Continue reading

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Widmer Bros. Hopside Down IPL

Beers do keep showing up hereabouts and that is most assuredly a desirable state of affairs. Sometimes I know they are coming; other times they arrive as a pleasant surprise. The latter was the case this week with the delivery … Continue reading

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My favorite beer book of 2015.

The World’s Favorite Beverage from 7000 BC to Today’s Craft Beer Revolution Jonathan Hennessy & Mike Smith, authors; Aaron McConnell, art Ten Speed Press, Trade Paperback, $18.99, 2015 Comics began to emerge as something more than “just for kids” right … Continue reading

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From the Archives: The In-Between Year – 2007

Doing some research today on a preview story for The New Brewer to appear prior to the Craft Brewers Conference here next May (deadline not as long as it seems; story will appear in March/April issue and is due next … Continue reading

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My new best friends at Ninkasi made sure I will be a welcome guest this day of thanks. And therefore thanks to them.

These arrived on my doorstep in a big, big box yesterday afternoon (accompanied by, I should note, a smaller box carrying two 12oz bottles of Widmer Brothers Brrr, a seasonal red ale, which I enjoyed with dinner last night). The … Continue reading

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