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Session beers are taking over the craft world. Maybe?

This is counter-intuitivity at is finest: With rising health awareness and concern about binge drinking driving sales of low and non-ABV beers among consumers, it seems counter-intuitive that innovation in strongly alcoholic beers should be rising. But new research from … Continue reading

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From this afternoon’s Craft Business Daily: DOGFISH HEAD SWAYS BOARD ON SECOND HEARING After a second go-round that featured 90 minutes of new testimony, Dogfish Head persuaded the Rehoboth Board of Adjustment to let them renovate their brewpub on a … Continue reading

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The one wherein I drink a whole bunch of over-hopped pale ales.

Session IPAs are the hottest thing in craft brewing at the moment, as Fortune magazine noted in a story which went online last Friday: How popular are Session beers? Consider this: Founders Brewing Co. introduced its All Day Session IPA … Continue reading

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Biere de Grouch fans Alert!

There must be a horde of you out there, am I right? the beer that debuting in a titanic struggle in which good triumphed over evil and then came back for a victory lap earlier this year will be part … Continue reading

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Wait all night, wait a little longer…

I’ve been hoping all day to get more on this story but it appears it ain’t gonna happen. so here the big news: Pottstown is  finally going to get a brewpub. Next spring at the earliest. Read all the details, … Continue reading

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Yee-Haw! He can run, but he can’t hide.

We got us a Brandon Greenwood sighting, ladies and gents. The peripatetic (formerly “angry”) brewer pops up in my email or Facebook stream now and again but never, ever answers when I ask him what’s up, at least not completely. … Continue reading

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That old devil, the Unintended Consequence, strikes again.

And in this instance, the consequence was the unleashing of something close to pure evil on a gullible (and apparently tasteless)  world. From this morning’s Beer Business Daily: JOHN OLIVER UNINTENTIONALLY RAISES BRAND AWARENESS FOR BUD LIGHT LIME The old … Continue reading

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Let’s get ready to Rumble.

24 years on and just getting better and better… The 24th annual Pottstown Rumble is set to hit the borough June 25-28. Thousands of people are expected to flock to Memorial Park and surrounding fields to watch as some of … Continue reading

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Philly Beer Week Special: Back when the (beer) world was young and fresh and new.

In the midst of the commercial bonanza that is Philly Beer Week, it strikes me that digging into the archives might be a nice, non-profit way to join the party. The two posts following this one are pretty long and … Continue reading

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Philly Beer Week Special #1: “In Philadelphia, where tradition always counts and brewing has proven to be a once and future thing, it seems only fitting that what goes around has come around.”

Philly Brews: Past Is Prologue For Philadelphia beer drinkers with a sense of history, the day in 1987 when Schmidt’s Brewery, the last of the great Philadelphia breweries (“great” in the sense that they were large and powerful), closed its … Continue reading

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