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Sam’s a hard act to follow….

Sam Calagione, that is, whose thoughts on A-B InBev’s recent activities re: the craft world  I pointed you to yesterday, but a report in this morning’s edition of the invaluable Beer Business Daily more than lives up to the challenge … Continue reading

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Promises are meant to be….

Not broken, exactly, but subject to reality. When I said in the previous item that “regular” posting would resume hereabouts, you have to first consider just how regularly I was adding something new ever before the Big Blackout and I … Continue reading

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Whatever became of that nice Liquid Diet website?

Dunno what anyone trying to access this site concluded over the last two weeks, but this post I put up at my other blog two days ago under the above headline gives you a bit of the background. All appears … Continue reading

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More on that Budweiser advert: Elysian’s Dick Cantwell is not pleased.

From this afternoon’s Craft Business Daily: Chicago Tribune beer writer Josh Noel has just tweeted a preview of an article due out summing Elysian co-founder Dick Cantwell’s reaction to such apparent oversight. “I find it kind of incredible that ABI … Continue reading

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This Bud’s for….people who don’t care.

There’s a lot of chatter in the beer world today over last night’s controversial Budweiser ad which takes a shot a craft, ranging from “Craft brewers make fun of Bud, why can’t Bud make fun of craft?” to screams of … Continue reading

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None dare call it craft.

When John Holl left legitimate journalism and entered the strange world of beer writing a couple of years back, we all had to raise our games more than a bit. Yes, he’s that good and when he has something to … Continue reading

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A-B’s craft acquisition strategy, per Beer Business Daily.

This was Harry Schuhmacher’s evaluation in a special late addendum to yesterday’s issue of his daily newsletter: There are two common denominators underlying A-B’s strategic choice of craft brewers they purchase (and make no bones about it, there’s a strategy … Continue reading

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The Age of Innocence is over.

Anheuser-Busch is buying Seattle’s Elysian Brewing Co, it was announced today. This is an edited sentence from a story I’ve written for the upcoming issue of Ale Street News (out in early February) about what happened in 2014 and what … Continue reading

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Would that I could get there.

My last post (scroll down), which reprinted a “Best of” list I did a decade and a half ago and in which I named Yards Old Ale as my Beer of the Year, brought this response from the brewery’s Deputy … Continue reading

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Remember what I said back in 1999?

Yeah, me neither, but I when ran across this year’s end awards list from those ancient times, I figured it might be fun reading for those of you who kept visiting these environs over my nearly month-long silence. I’ll try … Continue reading

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