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Oh, what the hell, here’s some news of my own.

From today’s Craft Business Daily: Pennsylvania-based, top 30 craft brewer Victory Brewing Co. has just announced it will hit its 35th state of distribution this month: Nevada. Southern Wine & Spirits of Nevada will take it there. “Nevada has a … Continue reading

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And then the flood gates opened….

I suppose that the last post, my supposed “Facebook friendly” character flaw aside, mostly proves that both Richard Ruch and I are old farts who are out of the loop. Or maybe not, who cares? In any case, that post … Continue reading

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News, the old-fashioned way: Iron Hill shifts LaPierre to Chestnut Hill, Walter to Maple Shade

From Richard the Ruch, received just now: Jack, since I am not Facebook friendly and I know you are, you’re probably are aware of the brewing change at Iron Hill’s Chestnut Hill brewpub. But if you’re not, apparently Chris LaPierre … Continue reading

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What I am doing at this very moment, which is drinking beer. Who could have guessed?

(This post is an exact duplication of a Facebook post I did this afternoon except for the part where it isn’t). After finally putting the finishing touches on a story for Ale Street News earlier, I’m watching football games I … Continue reading

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The insanity runs deeper than we thought.

So I wanted to schedule an interview with a local ice-cream maker for a story I’m writing and this was his initial emailed response: My schedule is wicked due to Pumpkin Ice Creams booming seasonal entrance into our lineup two … Continue reading

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I have a “wheat-on” for Victory.

I watched the exciting/scary/somewhat disturbing/eventually satisfactory (with caveats) Philadelphia Eagles win over Jacksonville today while drinking Victory Brewing’s Moon Glow Weizenbock and Mad King’s Weiss. These are quite good accompaniments to virtually any relatively sedentary activity, although I would not … Continue reading

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Victory Brewing announces it will open another brewpub in 2016.

Where and when? Check out Beer Yard news for a link to the complete story from the Philadelphia Business Journal.  I guess, with the Kennett Square pub at Magnolia Place due to open in October (that’s a guess but a … Continue reading

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Three hair follicle-deprived gentlemen trying to look like tough guys have got a deal for you.

NEWS RELEASE When three of Philadelphia’s most talented brewers are also friends with brewpubs located within four miles of each other, collaboration is inevitable. The three men, Paul Rutherford of Iron Hill Brewery Chestnut Hill, Scott Morrison of Barren Hill … Continue reading

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Remembering Michael.

Michael Jackson left us seven years ago today, leaving a gaping hole in craft beer culture that is yet to be filled. I have marked this sad anniversary a couple of times in the past by posting my story of … Continue reading

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This guy is not happy at all about the session IPA cash gouge. Or you Untappd robots, who are worser than worse.

I can’t resist a momentary return to the topic of my last column, session IPAs. I decried their lack of balance and malt flavor, though I admit there is a bit of personal preference involved. However, what is inexcusable is … Continue reading

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