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A blast from the past.

This is a “Local Boy Makes Good” note for early readers of these ramblings back in the day when I had to hand-code everything myself and would write often and long about the characters I met in our burgeoning beer … Continue reading

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A new coffee beer with definite promise.

I received an email earlier this month from Erik Barkley of Tugboat Coffee LLC in Illinois. “I am a coffee roaster outside of Chicago & I have partnered with RAM Restaurant & Brewery to develop a new coffee beer that … Continue reading

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We live in interesting (beer) times. Isn’t that an old Chinese curse or something?

From Craft Business Daily just now: SABMiller has bought London’s biggest craft brewer, Meantime, for an undisclosed sum, marking their foray into the UK craft market. The acquisition is expected to be completed by early June, when Meantime will be … Continue reading

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Understatement of the year.

From this morning’s Craft Business Daily (emphasis added): LAGUNITAS NAMED Maria Stipp as the new CEO as the founder Tony Magee will become executive chairman, effective June 15. She comes from Eco-ATM, which recycles old cell phones. It will be … Continue reading

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A Penny for your Maibock.

The winning goat at yesterday’s Sly Fox Bock Festival Goat Race was named Penny and that’s also now the name of the 2015 Maibock. As noted in the post below, I never did get into the event but am pleased … Continue reading

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This is not a Maibock…but it should be.

Right about now on the first Sunday in May I am obligated by tradition and desire to be quaffing a pint or three of  Sly Fox “Named After Whatever Goat Won the Race” Maibock, along with thousands of other spectators. … Continue reading

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First visit to Fermentaria.

After my usual Saturday morning visit to the Beer Yard yesterday, I drove up Lancaster Pike (not recommended at all, terrible traffic, use the back roads, trust me) to Ardmore to visit  Fermentaria, the recently opened new production brewery and … Continue reading

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It’s true. You’re never a hero in your own back yard.

From today’s Craft Beer Daily email newsletter: REHOBOTH BEACH BOARD SHOOTS DOWN DOGFISH’S PLAN FOR NEW RESTAURANT What local darlings? Dogfish Head Brewing is “stunned and disappointed” with the denial of their plans to build a new larger restaurant in … Continue reading

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I am liking this beer. A lot.

Two beer posts in two days. You might almost think this was a blog about beer Now there’s a concept; I wonder why nobody else has ever thought of it? Conshocken Brewing Co. La Colombe Tandem is made in tandem … Continue reading

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Checking out Two Roads Brewing.

I missed my chance to catch up with brewmaster Phil Markowksi at a press luncheon and tasting when Two Roads Brewing debuted in the Philly market a week or two, but sales rep Lee Porter was kind enough to send … Continue reading

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