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Remembering Michael.

Michael Jackson left us seven years ago today, leaving a gaping hole in craft beer culture that is yet to be filled. I have marked this sad anniversary a couple of times in the past by posting my story of … Continue reading

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This guy is not happy at all about the session IPA cash gouge. Or you Untappd robots, who are worser than worse.

I can’t resist a momentary return to the topic of my last column, session IPAs. I decried their lack of balance and malt flavor, though I admit there is a bit of personal preference involved. However, what is inexcusable is … Continue reading

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Hey, brewers, you want to know what I don’t like?

These sixpack holders are annoying and frustrating because they are difficult to detach to the point where the can gets shaken enough to foam over on opening in some instances. I wanted to drink my beer, not wrestle with it. … Continue reading

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As we have been surmising…’s either Ohio or Virginia for the new Stone Brewing East Coast plant. At least, that’s the word from today’s Craft Business Daily: On Friday, Stone winnowed the scope of speculation surrounding its imminent second location. “We have narrowed the … Continue reading

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Here’s a Bill for your weekend pleasure.

Bill Covaleski, that is, co-founder of Victory Brewing Co, (with Ron Barchet). Dell Poncet, Managing Editor of Philadelphia Business Journal, did this long and interesting interview with Bill back in July. I’ve linked to the single-page view to make it … Continue reading

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Which one of the five beers mentioned in this post does not belong?

This is likely to be a hilarious  fiasco, but who knows? Now Pabst Brewing, which has 30 beers including Old Style, Schlitz and Lone Star in its lineup, hopes to make a hit out of the revived beer at a … Continue reading

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What was I thinking? Here is some belated love for Summer Love.

I am embarrassed and verklempt to have to reveal that we are this far into the summer and I have just consumed my first bottle of Victory Summer Love Ale. What the hell is wrong with me? This is one … Continue reading

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As usual, Foobooz and Art Etchells get there first.

He introduces us to the new owners of what will one day soon no longer be Resurrection Ale House: We told you last month that Leigh Maida and Brendan Hartranft were selling Resurrection Ale House. Today, we have some news … Continue reading

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This guy.

You know how so many makers and distributors and importers of Really Good Beer (looking at you, Shelton Bros.) tell horror stories of dealing with the TTB on label approvals? Well, as always, the problem is the man behind the … Continue reading

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All that time you were gnashing your teeth and bitching about my incompetence, you were (maybe) way out of line.

From it’s very earliest days way back in the dark ages of the last century (remember then, oh so long gone?), this blog has been plagued by a raft of often embarrassing typographical errors. It appears that might actually have … Continue reading

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