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Wherever is Stone planning to build a new brewery?

North Carolina? South Carolina? Some state without “Carolina” in its name? Bethlehem, PA? Well, it will happen in one or none of those places and be announced soon, but there is one location which is now certain. Berlin, Germany..

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Boston blues for Yuengling?

Kerry Byrne, who is a food/drink/sports/whatever he wants writer for the Boston Herald and the mastermind behind the very good pro football website, Cold Hard Football Facts, has a story in the paper today about how things have changed up … Continue reading

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The history of our times is written in our trash bins.

Late yesterday afternoon, I parked in front of the building where I live and started walking toward my apartment carrying a sixer of Neshaminy Creek Trauger Pils in one hand and sixer of Yards ESA in the other, wearing an … Continue reading

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Give this man a round of applause.

From an interview reported in today’s edition of Craft Business Daily. The interviewee is John Laffler, late of Goose Island Brewing and the co-founder of Off Color Brewing, both in Chicago: ON MAKING “IMPORTANT” BEER, NOT IPA. These days, John’s … Continue reading

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Remember when some jackass wrote this a little over two weeks back?

Paragraphs which… will be a recurring feature at Liquid Diet from now on, as is Push Pin Wisdom. A major difference will be that the posts under that rubric will, more often  than not, be supplemented by commentary by Your … Continue reading

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Here comes a horde of crazed brewers, ready or not.

Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp Across America tour promoting the official opening of their East Coast brewery in Mills River, NC, will hit our region on August 2. The celebration scheduled for Penn Treaty Park at 1341 North Delaware Ave. will … Continue reading

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About that goat race relocation… [UPDATED]

 UPDATE: It’s now official that the move will be made and that East Pikeland asked Sly Fox to find a new home for the Bock Fest per a news release just received. Original Post, July 10: It was always pretty … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Sly Fox Bock Fest/Goat Races Moving to Pottstown

The Pottstown Mercury‘s Frank Otto broke the news last night that the annual festival held on the first Sunday of May, arguably the most popular beer event in the region, will be moved from the Sly Fox Brewhouse & Eatery … Continue reading

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Pizza Magazine loves itself some EB+B.

If you don’t get the weekly email newsletter from Earth Bread + Brewery, you are likely to have missed this. That would a shame, so don’t miss it.

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Paragraphs that Make Me Think — 02 July 2014

From here “According to a report from the University of Missouri-Columbia (MU), building on previous studies that suggested plant growth can be influenced by sound and that plants respond to wind and touch, researchers used a collaboration of audio and … Continue reading

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