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First visit to Fermentaria.

After my usual Saturday morning visit to the Beer Yard yesterday, I drove up Lancaster Pike (not recommended at all, terrible traffic, use the back roads, trust me) to Ardmore to visit  Fermentaria, the recently opened new production brewery and … Continue reading

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It’s true. You’re never a hero in your own back yard.

From today’s Craft Beer Daily email newsletter: REHOBOTH BEACH BOARD SHOOTS DOWN DOGFISH’S PLAN FOR NEW RESTAURANT What local darlings? Dogfish Head Brewing is “stunned and disappointed” with the denial of their plans to build a new larger restaurant in … Continue reading

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I am liking this beer. A lot.

Two beer posts in two days. You might almost think this was a blog about beer Now there’s a concept; I wonder why nobody else has ever thought of it? Conshocken Brewing Co. La Colombe Tandem is made in tandem … Continue reading

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Checking out Two Roads Brewing.

I missed my chance to catch up with brewmaster Phil Markowksi at a press luncheon and tasting when Two Roads Brewing debuted in the Philly market a week or two, but sales rep Lee Porter was kind enough to send … Continue reading

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Busy, Busy Busy.

Lots going on, including a family issue, dealing with having to opt out of a beer junket as a result (and having the folks in charge not only be understanding but offer an even better option), trying to make the … Continue reading

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The Mermaid swims again.

Those of you who care about such matters will note a change in the sidebar links over there. I am going to do it all over again and see if I can get it right.

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The grouch is not only back, he is in the house.

See the post beneath this one to make sense of it all. Or not. Earlier this evening. The telephone rang. A brief conversation. Shortly thereafter, a knock on the door. Troegs sales guy extraordinaire and fine human being Nick Johnson … Continue reading

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Return of the Grouch.

My Beer Buzz this morning has the most exciting and heartwarming news of…oh, I dunno…maybe the last 15 minutes or so. From Troegs: We released two Scratch Beers today! The first, #178 – Rye Ale features Experimental “06277” (aka “Nuggetzilla”) … Continue reading

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Now you can order an IPA in Ho Chi Minh City.

I once again dropped off the face of the earth for several weeks and am not going to go through the charade of apologizing again because I have done that all too often, so let’s just agree I will post … Continue reading

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Everything old is new again…eventually.

One of the reasons the Philadelphia region became a major beer destination in the late ’90s despite the fact that the craft beer scene here was still in the embryonic stage was that the city is ideally situated as port … Continue reading

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