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That time I went to Germany with a bunch of beer people and had dinner 300 meters underground.

Here’s a another blast from the past out of the Liquid Diet archives. This is what happened one day in 2003 while I was traveling with a group of beer wholesalers and other media on a tour provided by importer … Continue reading

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The Nostalgia Series: Every Day Is April Fool’s Day (Beer Yard 2004)

Long ago and far away, when we were young and excited and could all laugh at one another, April 1 was always a special day at the Beer Yard website (as it was and still is for many others), and … Continue reading

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What’s Going On Here?

I am not abandoning this site, but since I can’t find the time or much inclination to post regularly here these days, I figured I might shift the focus a bit and, in addition to the occasional brand new post, … Continue reading

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Here comes a horde of crazed brewers, ready or not.

Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp Across America tour promoting the official opening of their East Coast brewery in Mills River, NC, will hit our region on August 2. The celebration scheduled for Penn Treaty Park at 1341 North Delaware Ave. will … Continue reading

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Today we remember…

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30 taps of beer on the wall, 20 taps of beer…

Here’s the beer board at Sly Fox Phoenixville around noon time right after the 17th Anniversary Brunch (which was fantastic and a great showcase for George Bieber and his Sunflower Cafe) was over and the doors opened to the general … Continue reading

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Blast from the past.

This was a post on Facebook by Standard Tap’s William Reed a few minutes ago: And this is what is on that dusty sixtel… Some amazing ice bock from Brian O’Reilly via New Road… And this is the exchange we … Continue reading

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Today’s Must Read: BloombergBusinessweek on AB InBev.

The story’s title is “The Plot to Destroy America’s Beer.” And the villains are doing exactly what everybody with half a brain figured they would. Definitely worth the time.

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Shades of yesteryear as Monk’s will debut beer from a new Trappist brewery.

Back in the day, when you were younger and I was at least not so old, Monk’s Café was the place where we all learned about and experienced classic and brand new Belgian beers, many of them pouring on these … Continue reading

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Jack on a Stick. The secret life I never knew.

Wow. When I posted this, I had no idea how many JOAS photos existed, many I’ve never seen before. That guy had him some good times. Dan Bengel has them all here and here. I suppose I should thank Bryson, … Continue reading

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