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More “Best of Philly 2014″ beer-centric awards.

Told you about the Hartranft/Maida honors on Saturday. Now that I have the actual Philadelphia Magazine August issue in hand, here’s a bunch more. All addresses are in the city except the ones that aren’t. BEST BEER BAR – Tria Taproom, … Continue reading

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Pizza Magazine loves itself some EB+B.

If you don’t get the weekly email newsletter from Earth Bread + Brewery, you are likely to have missed this. That would a shame, so don’t miss it.

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Fifteen years ago tomorrow (almost)

What with tomorrow being the only Friday the 13th this year and thus reducing one of the area’s most popular beer events to a single appearance, I jumped into the archives and came up with a posting from the original … Continue reading

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Shocker! Philly Mag’s new list of the region’s best beers is not all-IPA-all-the-time. Is that actually allowed?

I’m likely stepping on a few toes here by writing about something in the June issue of Philadelphia Magazine that hasn’t hit the newsstands yet, but I pay for a subscription and I get the benefit of getting my issue … Continue reading

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Sly Fox goes 16oz. and wide open at Citizens Bank Park Friday.

Sly Fox Brewing Co. will introduce 360 IPA, its first 16-ounce canned release, at the Phillies game two days from now. Aside from the larger size, which is rapidly becoming a standard for canned beers all across the country it … Continue reading

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“Farmers’ Cabinet Owner Matt Swartz Pleads Guilty to Three Counts.”

That headline from Foobooz this afternoon says it all but, what the hell, let’s quote from the story beneath the headline to rub it in: [Matt] Swartz was sentenced to up to 12 months probation and ordered to perform 10 hours of … Continue reading

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Whatever became of Christopher Leonard?

Last I’d heard, the former owner/brewer of the late, lamented General Lafayette Inn was in Texas or someplace like that, but I just ran across him in a Facebook thread and asked. Got this reply: I’ve been running the brewery … Continue reading

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Whatever became of Steve Mashington?

I know we’ve all been wondering and Don Russell has the answer in his weekly email this morning: Congrats to former Yards guy Steve Mashington, who reports that he’s landed a position as director of production at Rogue Ales in … Continue reading

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The book reviews you were probably starting to think you’d never see.

This whole review project has been embarrassing to me, unfair to the publishers and authors who provided me with review copies and surely annoying to you regular attendees here who have a right to expect me to follow up on … Continue reading

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“I used to know the words.”

I just watched Blue Jasmine, which will render the above comprehensible to those of you who have already seen it and probably not do much at all for the rest of you. I can only help those who embrace my vision. … Continue reading

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