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Blast From the Past: June 2007

Prowling through the archives just now looking for a post I vaguely remember which, if it exists, has some information that would brighten up a column I am trying to write, I ran across this instead. Enjoy. Or ignore. Whatever … Continue reading

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My new best friends at Ninkasi made sure I will be a welcome guest this day of thanks. And therefore thanks to them.

These arrived on my doorstep in a big, big box yesterday afternoon (accompanied by, I should note, a smaller box carrying two 12oz bottles of Widmer Brothers Brrr, a seasonal red ale, which I enjoyed with dinner last night). The … Continue reading

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The Mermaid swims again.

Those of you who care about such matters will note a change in the sidebar links over there. I am going to do it all over again and see if I can get it right.

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Looking to score a bottle of Victory/Earth Bread + Brewery Earth & Flame? Run, do not walk…

I dragged my tired old body out Downingtown way today and, instead of taking all the shortcuts and workarounds I usually do, just went out to Rt. 100 and took it all the way down to 113, arriving at Victory … Continue reading

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I have a “wheat-on” for Victory.

I watched the exciting/scary/somewhat disturbing/eventually satisfactory (with caveats) Philadelphia Eagles win over Jacksonville today while drinking Victory Brewing’s Moon Glow Weizenbock and Mad King’s Weiss. These are quite good accompaniments to virtually any relatively sedentary activity, although I would not … Continue reading

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What was I thinking? Here is some belated love for Summer Love.

I am embarrassed and verklempt to have to reveal that we are this far into the summer and I have just consumed my first bottle of Victory Summer Love Ale. What the hell is wrong with me? This is one … Continue reading

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All that time you were gnashing your teeth and bitching about my incompetence, you were (maybe) way out of line.

From it’s very earliest days way back in the dark ages of the last century (remember then, oh so long gone?), this blog has been plagued by a raft of often embarrassing typographical errors. It appears that might actually have … Continue reading

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I will be having a Beer Camp Weekend except for no Beer Camp.

Because of my dog’s health issues, I cannot feel comfortable either leaving him home alone for the better part of a day or putting him into unfamiliar circumstances, especially since he has just started new medication which is having some … Continue reading

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The history of our times is written in our trash bins.

Late yesterday afternoon, I parked in front of the building where I live and started walking toward my apartment carrying a sixer of Neshaminy Creek Trauger Pils in one hand and sixer of Yards ESA in the other, wearing an … Continue reading

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Remember when some jackass wrote this a little over two weeks back?

Paragraphs which… will be a recurring feature at Liquid Diet from now on, as is Push Pin Wisdom. A major difference will be that the posts under that rubric will, more often  than not, be supplemented by commentary by Your … Continue reading

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