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And just like that…

…all is well again. The internets is weird, Firefox often  be a bit strange its ownself and WordPress is a mysterious land where one does not want to dig too deep into the mysteries. Also, this forced me to try … Continue reading

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Weird things are happening…

This site has gone somewhat haywire for reasons I cannot so far determine. I have to log in as administrator on every visit, some comments are posting, others are not, and some seem to come and go. Hopefully all this … Continue reading

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All that time you were gnashing your teeth and bitching about my incompetence, you were (maybe) way out of line.

From it’s very earliest days way back in the dark ages of the last century (remember then, oh so long gone?), this blog has been plagued by a raft of often embarrassing typographical errors. It appears that might actually have … Continue reading

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Remember when some jackass wrote this a little over two weeks back?

Paragraphs which… will be a recurring feature at Liquid Diet from now on, as is Push Pin Wisdom. A major difference will be that the posts under that rubric will, more often  than not, be supplemented by commentary by Your … Continue reading

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Me vs. the Universe (I am all in on Me).

Today, despite the winds that blow cold and seem determined to do so forever up here on Orchard Hill and the sweater I needs must wear because it is still freakin’ cold here in Liquid Diet World Central, I went … Continue reading

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So I told you that blogging was dead, remember?

The folks at WordPress beg to differ. 13,704,819 new blogs in 2013 That’s a 36% increase from 2012, during which you created 10 million new blogs. 489,281,136 posts in 2013 That’s 12 times the number of books in the Library … Continue reading

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Thoughts on blogging: we are all zombies now.

Jason Kotte, a pretty big name in the technology world, posted an attention-getting piece at the Neiman Journalism Lab website three weeks ago arguing the opinion I have expressed here a couple of times in recent months, essentially that blogs … Continue reading

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I will be shutting down my other blog by year’s end and consolidating all of my blog posting here at Liquid Diet. This will mean that, while the emphasis will still be on the world of craft beer, a lot … Continue reading

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Back again, right where I started from.

Let me start by clearing up the misconception in some quarters that my silence for the last two weeks plus days has been some sort of expression of solidarity with my colleague who has sold out to The Man. That’s … Continue reading

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Ave atque vale.

I laid a Mermaid to her final rest tonight. It was long overdue; she was basically a vanity project I hung on to because I liked the cut of her jibe and especially her logo. This will have implications for … Continue reading

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