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Worthwhile questions or grumpy old bastard? I Facebook, you decide.

So this is something I did today because I felt like doing something today in lieu of straightening up the mess that is my desk. I mean, who knows what horrors might lie at the bottom of pile #2? This … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to that beer I liked last time I was here?

Harry Schuhmacher got me thinking with these remarks in this morning’s edition of Beer Business Daily: After attending the Craft Brewers Conference and talking with many big and small and tiny brewers this week in Philly, a few things occurred to me: … Continue reading

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Irony is us. A look back at CBC & the World Beer Cup.

Pennsylvania breweries did themselves proud in the World Beer Cup judging at the Craft Brewers Conference in Philadelphia last week, especially those in the immediate region. As is almost always the case in these instances, it was Iron Hill Brewery … Continue reading

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Victory opens its Parkesburg pub and you should open a Victory Java Cask Coffee Stout as soon as the opportunity arises.

I wrote on Facebook last week about my visit to the new Victory brewery in Parkesburg for a press event just prior to the official opening of the pub there… Spent most of the day at the press event marking … Continue reading

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One long ago day at Monk’s.

I just posted a quite good story about Russian River’s Vinnie & Natalie Cilurzo on the Facebook page of The Beer Yard. You can go read it there or go to it directly here. In so doing, I was reminded … Continue reading

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Victory times two for me. Plus news.

a couple of small boxes from the fine folks at Victory Brewing Co. arrived on my doorstep yesterday, each containing one of these two beers. You will recognize the highly regarded Headwaters Pale Ale, if not the can. And Vital … Continue reading

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A-B will acquire LA’s Golden Road Brewing by the end of the year (Updated: video added)

Beer Business Daily just reported the deal. I have a brief excerpt from their article up over at The Beer Yard site and will add more there–and here– when other news sources check in. Here’s the promised followup: a video on … Continue reading

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Trouble at Twin Lakes? [updated 7 July 15]

UPDATE: Twin Lakes announces it will relocate You do this gig for 20 years, you end up with sources, some good, some bad, some just trying to get you or somebody else in trouble. You figure it out or you … Continue reading

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From this afternoon’s Craft Business Daily: DOGFISH HEAD SWAYS BOARD ON SECOND HEARING After a second go-round that featured 90 minutes of new testimony, Dogfish Head persuaded the Rehoboth Board of Adjustment to let them renovate their brewpub on a … Continue reading

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Yee-Haw! He can run, but he can’t hide.

We got us a Brandon Greenwood sighting, ladies and gents. The peripatetic (formerly “angry”) brewer pops up in my email or Facebook stream now and again but never, ever answers when I ask him what’s up, at least not completely. … Continue reading

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