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From the Archives: The In-Between Year – 2007

Doing some research today on a preview story for The New Brewer to appear prior to the Craft Brewers Conference here next May (deadline not as long as it seems; story will appear in March/April issue and is due next … Continue reading

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My new best friends at Ninkasi made sure I will be a welcome guest this day of thanks. And therefore thanks to them.

These arrived on my doorstep in a big, big box yesterday afternoon (accompanied by, I should note, a smaller box carrying two 12oz bottles of Widmer Brothers Brrr, a seasonal red ale, which I enjoyed with dinner last night). The … Continue reading

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From the distant past: my first Celebrator Beer News story ever

While doing some online research for a story I am writing this weekend for Ale Street News (one of two due Monday; the first is finished except for a bit of last minute editing where I always find Something), a … Continue reading

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Hidden River.

Hidden River Brewing Co. is a new brewpub about 12 minutes up the road from Liquid Diet World Headquarters. This is what I wrote about it as the lead item in my “Eastern Penna.” column in the current issue of … Continue reading

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The Nostalgia Series: (Celebrator Beer News, 2010)

(Over the years, I have written my account of the beginning of the good beer revolution in this part of the world in many articles and venues; this particular version has a lot more detail and perspective than any one … Continue reading

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The one wherein I drink a whole bunch of over-hopped pale ales.

Session IPAs are the hottest thing in craft brewing at the moment, as Fortune magazine noted in a story which went online last Friday: How popular are Session beers? Consider this: Founders Brewing Co. introduced its All Day Session IPA … Continue reading

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Philly Beer Week Special: Back when the (beer) world was young and fresh and new.

In the midst of the commercial bonanza that is Philly Beer Week, it strikes me that digging into the archives might be a nice, non-profit way to join the party. The two posts following this one are pretty long and … Continue reading

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Philly Beer Week Special #1: “In Philadelphia, where tradition always counts and brewing has proven to be a once and future thing, it seems only fitting that what goes around has come around.”

Philly Brews: Past Is Prologue For Philadelphia beer drinkers with a sense of history, the day in 1987 when Schmidt’s Brewery, the last of the great Philadelphia breweries (“great” in the sense that they were large and powerful), closed its … Continue reading

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I am liking this beer. A lot.

Two beer posts in two days. You might almost think this was a blog about beer Now there’s a concept; I wonder why nobody else has ever thought of it? Conshocken Brewing Co. La Colombe Tandem is made in tandem … Continue reading

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Checking out Two Roads Brewing.

I missed my chance to catch up with brewmaster Phil Markowksi at a press luncheon and tasting when Two Roads Brewing debuted in the Philly market a week or two, but sales rep Lee Porter was kind enough to send … Continue reading

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