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Local medal-winning beers at the 2014 World Cup.

Seven locally brewed entries were selected as among the best in the world in the World Beer Cup judging which was part of the just completed 2014 Craft Brewers Conference in Denver (the World Cup is a biennial competition): Iron … Continue reading

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The Impossible Dream: a world with enough Hopslam for everybody.

That would likely be impossible under any conditions, but because Bell’s has standards, it’s definitely not gonna happen. From today’s Craft Beer Daily: “It’s a nice brand to have, we do about 5,000 barrels of it,” said Larry [Bell]. They … Continue reading

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A pleasant surprise on the day after New Year’s.

There is nothing so delightful as the unexpected arrival of new beers on my doorstep. I say “unexpected” in the sense that while I might be aware¬† beers are coming because I was contacted and asked if I would like … Continue reading

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Taking the Low road to Belgium.

Dock Street Brewery’s Justin Low was the brewer chosen by Daniel Neuner, owner of the winning ticket drawn at the 4th Annual Philly Beer Raffle tonight. The two of them, along with an ever growing contingent of local beer stars, … Continue reading

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There were these beers. So I drank them.

It seemed the appropriate thing to do. The beers shown above all came into my possession one way or another during the stretch when I was dealing with Buddy’s operation and subsequent medical care. I saved all the bottles until … Continue reading

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Deschutes, Duvel in the house.

Samples from both breweries arrived on the doorstep an hour ago. Actually, they arrived in my hands out in the driveway area because the courier drove up as I was putting some trash into the trunk of the car. The … Continue reading

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Tria Taproom coming this summer.

The news about a new venture by the Tria folks broke at foozbooz last week and has been confirmed and expanded upon in the weekly Tria newsletter this morning: Tria Taproom, our latest adventure, will be our take on the … Continue reading

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Some thoughts about some beers.

I saw cases of Yards Chocolate Love Stout in the stacks at The Beer Yard early last week and made a mental note try a bottle. When I went shopping at Wegmans Thursday, I did the naught and went to … Continue reading

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Given the past week around here, this seems very appropriate.

The original is here.

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Seeking a beer for the end of the world. Or not.

I was going to go in and do my weekly penance at the Beer Yard this morning but then I figured, hey, if the Mayans were right and the world is gonna end tonight, that is the last think I … Continue reading

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