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Iron Hill goes nova at World Cup 2014.

 Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant locations won five medals at the 2014 World Cup in Denver last night, including three Golds and two Bronze, and Iron Hill Media was named Champion Brewery in the Small Brewpub Category. Other local winners … Continue reading

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First Visit: Barren Hill Tavern & Brewery

Before our joining in the pre-opening party at Conshohocken Brewing on Saturday past, my traveling companions and I swung by Barren Hill Tavern & Brewery in Lafayette Hill , my first visit since they opened. That historic old building is … Continue reading

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For some things, you just gotta Bear down.

Reality often sucks because it is, you know, real. Plus also, reality has a well known liberal bias, which totally pisses off our conservative brethren and, man, can they be noisy and annoying when they get noisy and annoying. For … Continue reading

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The book reviews you were probably starting to think you’d never see.

This whole review project has been embarrassing to me, unfair to the publishers and authors who provided me with review copies and surely annoying to you regular attendees here who have a right to expect me to follow up on … Continue reading

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Lehigh Valley Beer Week, ver. 2.0

Last year, for the initial Lehigh Valley Beer Week,  there was a lot of scrambling going on, events not scheduled and announced until the last moment, that sort of thing. Nonetheless, the comments afterwards seemed to be universally favorable and … Continue reading

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Lace on the Glass.

I stopped in for lunch at Iron Hill Phoenixville yesterday and things happened. I saw the mysterious Larry Horwitz wandering around the premises aimlessly doing whatever it is that he now does for the company. I was reminded that the … Continue reading

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The return of a (sorta) legend: Jack on a Stick lives again.

To make sense of what follows you must, if you don’t know it already, go read the story of Jack on a Stick. He’s not exactly my doppelganger, but he is a good looking fellow. It now appears that, despite what … Continue reading

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I like this.

Here’s a great piece from Dock Street Brewing about head brewer Justin Low being the lucky guy who goes to Belgium this year to brew the official (one of a set, collect ‘em all) Philly Beer Week beer. It’s as … Continue reading

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A veteran beer industry observer has some thought-provoking predictions for craft brewers in 2014. What do you think?

The items below are culled from the annual January predictions published in Beer Business Daily, Harry Schuhmacher‘s highly respected beer industry newsletter. Harry, like any predictor, has his hits and his misses when everything is totaled up at each year’s … Continue reading

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Doug Marchakitus Iron Hill bound.

Marchakitus, often overlooked hereabouts among our fortunately plethoric number of world class, award-winning brewers, has been a big plus for Manayunk Brewery & Restaurant and you can bet he will missed. He rejoins Iron Hill come January and, since he … Continue reading

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