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Whatever happened to that beer I liked last time I was here?

Harry Schuhmacher got me thinking with these remarks in this morning’s edition of Beer Business Daily: After attending the Craft Brewers Conference and talking with many big and small and tiny brewers this week in Philly, a few things occurred to me: … Continue reading

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Some people suggest Jack Curtin is getting grumpy in his old age. Others ask how anybody could tell the difference.

The newest issue of Celebrator Beer News has just gone online today and I call the attention of fellow Pennsylvanians to my regular (and misnomered) “Atlantic Ale Trail” column, which you can read here. The main focus is the performance … Continue reading

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Life is just so tough.

Mike Peters posted this today at the end of his always great commentary at Comic Strip of the Day and it is repeated here on a day when 3.1 million Americans are losing their unemployment benefits because Congress is too … Continue reading

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Lace on the glass. [Updated]

Victory Brewing Co. is offering you a chance to win the best beer trip ever. And they definitely ain’t exaggerating. If, like I do, you drink a lot of coffee and a lot of beer over the course of a … Continue reading

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Well, obviously not. Who could ever imagine such a thing?

From a Brewbound story about craft beer in baseball parks (bold emphasis is mine. all mine, mine, I say) … Comerica Park in Detroit has fully embraced it. A story by ESPN’s Darren Rovell notes that in right field, the … Continue reading

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No magic password.

In their February newsletter, the fine folks at Merchant du Vin weigh in on “craft vs. crafty” and similar matters with some thought-provoking input: The aromas, flavors, and tactile experience of great beer are a pleasure, a real enhancement to … Continue reading

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The world is a less happy place today.

Apparently Sam Calagione has recently discovered that uninformed opinions, outrageous judgements, destructive comments and rampant immaturity sometimes occur at I weep for his loss of innocence.

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Two predictions for 2012 I pretty much agree with.

From Harry Schuhmacher  in this morning’s Beer Business Daily: Craft beers will continue to driving beer growth and take share within the category, to the tune of maintaining double digit growth.   However, 2012 will be the year that we see … Continue reading

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Is this what they call a deafening silence? [Updated]

Famous Facebook personality Lew Bryson yesterday offered his social media followers the opportunity to witness an experiment to be performed while he was doing an appearance at The Farmer’s Cabinet in Philadelphia. It was designed to bolster his well-known advocacy … Continue reading

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Drinking beer and waiting for the power to go out (it is guaranteed to happen up here on Orchid Ridge).* [UPDATE: Credit Where Credit Is Due]

[Update]: The bit of hilarity below originated here; I should have known. I was going to acknowledge I stole this Facebook post from Thomas J. Linquist, but he says he stole it before that so thanks to whoever wrote it. … Continue reading

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