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Worthwhile questions or grumpy old bastard? I Facebook, you decide.

So this is something I did today because I felt like doing something today in lieu of straightening up the mess that is my desk. I mean, who knows what horrors might lie at the bottom of pile #2? This … Continue reading

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Riddle me a riddle, riddler please.

What rough beast, its hour come round at last again, Slouches towards Bethlehem Philadelphia to be born re-born? There is a secret blowing in the wind and one day soon everything new will be old again. The past is always … Continue reading

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Hey, brewers, you want to know what I don’t like?

These sixpack holders are annoying and frustrating because they are difficult to detach to the point where the can gets shaken enough to foam over on opening in some instances. I wanted to drink my beer, not wrestle with it. … Continue reading

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One of those things I wish I had written.

Stephen Beaumont hits it out of the park…. EVERY Beer is Now an IPA That’s it! Give up, people, because beer style no longer matters. In the wake of white IPAs, black IPAs, Belgian IPAs and session IPAs, we might as … Continue reading

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More beers, because there are always more beers, plus an idea whose time has come, maybe.

These beers appeared at my front door yesterday and it seemed best to drink them as soon as possible, mostly because I felt like having a beer or two. The heart has its reasons, you know? You may recall from … Continue reading

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Still liking this new Pope.*

Way back here, a year ago, I posted what I thought was a not only reasonable but well reasoned and almost irrefutable suggestion that, everything considered, Santa Claus was clearly a more viable choice for Magic White-Bearded All-Powerful Guy in … Continue reading

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Lace on the glass. [Updated]

Victory Brewing Co. is offering you a chance to win the best beer trip ever. And they definitely ain’t exaggerating. If, like I do, you drink a lot of coffee and a lot of beer over the course of a … Continue reading

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This is a great day for enjoying a brew or two…and tomorrow is likely to be even better.

Photo, via Facebook via Don Russell, is the Maifest taking place on South St. in Philadelphia, taken in front of Brauhaus Schmitz. Just look at that sky. There will be a lot of beer consumed today and maybe even more … Continue reading

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“What if those guys sat down and had a beer together?”

I like the pastor guy from the last post. This is why: “[We were] trying to figure out what kind of church we want to be. How do we engage folks not in our church?” the pastor, a young-looking 33, … Continue reading

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Philosophical debate over beer in Phoenixville? Dude!

So I’m sitting at the bar at Sly Fox Phoenixville a couple of weeks ago chatting with Brian O’Reilly’s long-suffering father-in-law, Pete Dabback,  about I can’t remember what, but whatever it was it caught the attention of the guy two … Continue reading

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