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Something I did not know.

This blog has made a healthy living off of making fun of Victory-lovin’, corner bar stool sittin’, ever promotin’, email spammin’ Richard Ruch over the past decade or more, but today it’s all hat tips and high praise as his … Continue reading

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Session beers are taking over the craft world. Maybe?

This is counter-intuitivity at is finest: With rising health awareness and concern about binge drinking driving sales of low and non-ABV beers among consumers, it seems counter-intuitive that innovation in strongly alcoholic beers should be rising. But new research from … Continue reading

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The insanity runs deeper than we thought.

So I wanted to schedule an interview with a local ice-cream maker for a story I’m writing and this was his initial emailed response: My schedule is wicked due to Pumpkin Ice Creams booming seasonal entrance into our lineup two … Continue reading

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More Brewvitational…

This concluding paragraph from the story in tomorrow’s Inky ought to raise a few eyebrows. But Hartranft and others were dying to know the identity of this year’s fourth-place “new” beer, a hefeweizen that wowed some with a textbook interpretation … Continue reading

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Lawdy! Lawdy! Kindly old Mr. Curtin experienced a miracle today! You will not believe this story.

So I got up this morning, ready to get out on the job to work like the devil for my pay, and damn that lucky ol’ sun, and….and…. No internets. Computer fine, TV fine, but the vast wonderful world of … Continue reading

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Damned if I didn’t do it again.

Remember three weeks or so ago when I manned up and dug deep into those dark corners where forgotten things rest and found an 18-year old bottle of Thomas Hardy’s Ale? It was a good moment and I had the … Continue reading

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Look what I found.

Kerry Bryne, who writes about food and drink for the Boston Herald (the perfect home for a crazed right winger) and is also the self-described “potentate” of the very good Cold, Hard Football Facts website, asked a lot of knowledgeable … Continue reading

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This will push your buttons.

Miller/Coors top guy Tom Long today, as quoted in Beer Business Daily: “Craft drinkers drink light beer at a significant pace…. This notion of pure drinkers [in each segment] is less and less a real factor [as drinkers today are … Continue reading

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[UPDATED] A very important international major beer competition which appears to have been held without any of us noticing.

I asked the question on Facebook and, so far, everybody appears to be as outside the loop as am I, so let’s try it here: What can anybody tell me about this? The list of award-winning beers is very…interesting. [UPDATE]: … Continue reading

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Maybe Richard will be happy after all…and maybe we can capture that magic moment.

On Saturday, I suggested that our very own (or at least that part of him not owned body and soul by Victory Brewing Co.) Richard Ruch might be put off by the shenanigans  at the new Victory Beer Hall which … Continue reading

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