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Whatever happened to that beer I liked last time I was here?

Harry Schuhmacher got me thinking with these remarks in this morning’s edition of Beer Business Daily: After attending the Craft Brewers Conference and talking with many big and small and tiny brewers this week in Philly, a few things occurred to me: … Continue reading

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Everything old is new again…eventually.

One of the reasons the Philadelphia region became a major beer destination in the late ’90s despite the fact that the craft beer scene here was still in the embryonic stage was that the city is ideally situated as port … Continue reading

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The history of our times is written in our trash bins.

Late yesterday afternoon, I parked in front of the building where I live and started walking toward my apartment carrying a sixer of Neshaminy Creek Trauger Pils in one hand and sixer of Yards ESA in the other, wearing an … Continue reading

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About that goat race relocation… [UPDATED]

 UPDATE: It’s now official that the move will be made and that East Pikeland asked Sly Fox to find a new home for the Bock Fest per a news release just received. Original Post, July 10: It was always pretty … Continue reading

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One of those things I wish I had written.

Stephen Beaumont hits it out of the park…. EVERY Beer is Now an IPA That’s it! Give up, people, because beer style no longer matters. In the wake of white IPAs, black IPAs, Belgian IPAs and session IPAs, we might as … Continue reading

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Perpsective. We want it, we need it and then it blows away all our fantasies.

Yo, Philadelphians. Think Citizens Bank Park is like, wow, the bestest sports stadium in all of reality for beer? Good luck with that. Consider this comment about Safeco Field, home of the Seattle Mariners, which I just shamelessly (what is … Continue reading

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Lace on the glass.

Newly minted craft brewery Yuengling is having its usual really strong roll out in Massachusetts and distributors not in the game and competing brands are feeling the affect. According to this morning’s Beer Business Daily, America’s oldest family owned brewery … Continue reading

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There were these beers. So I drank them.

It seemed the appropriate thing to do. The beers shown above all came into my possession one way or another during the stretch when I was dealing with Buddy’s operation and subsequent medical care. I saved all the bottles until … Continue reading

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If I were in Portland, this is definitely where I would stay.

I was totally unaware of the below until I saw it, and stole it, from the latest post at Brian’s blog, which is a right strong commentary on the (inevitable) emergence of asshole behavior in the craft beer world and … Continue reading

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What he said.

(I posted this on Facebook and it seems appropriate to put it here as well.) Fred Shero, legendary coach of the Broad Street Bullies, is finally going into the Hockey Hall of Fame. Nicknamed “Freddie the Fog” because so much … Continue reading

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