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Look what I found.

Kerry Bryne, who writes about food and drink for the Boston Herald (the perfect home for a crazed right winger) and is also the self-described “potentate” of the very good Cold, Hard Football Facts website, asked a lot of knowledgeable … Continue reading

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The book reviews you were probably starting to think you’d never see.

This whole review project has been embarrassing to me, unfair to the publishers and authors who provided me with review copies and surely annoying to you regular attendees here who have a right to expect me to follow up on … Continue reading

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More about Blue Moon.

Loyal reader Bill asked a question this morning in the fascination exchange going on in the comments section for yesterday’s post : So if there was a SandLot brewery at Coors Field in 1995 as Matt Osborne’s quote above said, … Continue reading

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Any day you learn something new is a good day. This is a good day.

One of those discussions that pop up wherever beer geeks gather–how good is Blue Moon anyway?–started off a long thread on Facebook last night. Early on someone said something I had always believe, that Blue Moon was created at the … Continue reading

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Beer books for Christmas giving, an area in which I was most naughty and not at all nice.

I wanted to check out and (presumably) recommend some of 2013’s major books about the beer world in time for Christmas.The authors and publishers were kind enough to provide me with review copies and everything was set. Then I wandered … Continue reading

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Another Facebook post that needs must be posted here (if only for Sam K).

10 Amazing Things That Happened Over A Beer Do you know how many amazing moments in history have involved a beer? Hard work deserves a reward, no matter who you are.

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The news isn’t here, it’s over there.

As is my wont now and then, I have posted some recent news in the local beer world that is of interest to me and, I hope, to you, at the Beer Yard site. As most of you should know … Continue reading

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BBC reports on a beer-y love affair (why you should be reading the Beer Yard website, part the second).

At no thought of time or expense, I have just posted a very long, very good piece from the BBC News Magazine about how craft beers have impacted the British scene over at the BY site.  I think the “hipster” … Continue reading

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Craft beer bar owners meeting. It’s annual. Who knew?

The good guys gather…. Late last month during the Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend, the owners of about 50 of the country’s best beer bars met at Lord Hobo in Cambridge for an annual craft beer bar owners meeting. … Continue reading

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If Zythophile didn’t exist, we would all be the poorer.

For those of you interested in the history of beer and development of styles, yesterday’s thought-provoking post by the incredible Martyn Cornell, together with the on-going discussion in the comments thereto, should be as enticing as catnip to a kitten. … Continue reading

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