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The news isn’t here, it’s over there.

As is my wont now and then, I have posted some recent news in the local beer world that is of interest to me and, I hope, to you, at the Beer Yard site. As most of you should know … Continue reading

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BBC reports on a beer-y love affair (why you should be reading the Beer Yard website, part the second).

At no thought of time or expense, I have just posted a very long, very good piece from the BBC News Magazine about how craft beers have impacted the British scene over at the BY site.  I think the “hipster” … Continue reading

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Craft beer bar owners meeting. It’s annual. Who knew?

The good guys gather…. Late last month during the Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend, the owners of about 50 of the country’s best beer bars met at Lord Hobo in Cambridge for an annual craft beer bar owners meeting. … Continue reading

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If Zythophile didn’t exist, we would all be the poorer.

For those of you interested in the history of beer and development of styles, yesterday’s thought-provoking post by the incredible Martyn Cornell, together with the on-going discussion in the comments thereto, should be as enticing as catnip to a kitten. … Continue reading

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I finally received my DVD of the Michael Lawrence flick, Beeradelphia:The City of Brewery Love, in the mail today. I was recovering from traveling back from Idaho by way of San Francisco last September on the night it had a … Continue reading

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The City of Brewerly Love and the movie that tells you all about the people who make it so.

Beeradelphia, the long-awaited film  about the region’s craft beer culture by Michael Lawrence, will have its American premiere on Thursday, Sept. 27 at World Cafe Live. There will be two showings, a VIP premiere for the cast and crew and … Continue reading

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RIP Tom Pastorius, Pennsylvania’s first microbrewer.

The Philadelphia region in the mid-90s became the focal point of Pennsylvania’s emerging craft beer industry, and given our tendency to ignore the other side of the state, it is too rarely mentioned around here that the opening of Penn … Continue reading

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Five years gone.

Busy I may be, but not too busy to take a moment here to remember the man who, more than anyone else, made gigs like this possible. I can still recall the absolute shock when Lew Bryson and then Tom … Continue reading

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“The man who invented the microbrewery.”

John Holl has the feel-good story of the year: It was early on a recent July morning and the humidity hung heavy when the man who invented the microbrewery arrived at the Samuel Adams pilot brewery. He squinted his eyes … Continue reading

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“One of the odder things about the history of American brewing is the failure to get a handle on the extent to which pre-lager brewing existed before roughly 1840.”

Think you have pretty good grasp on the history of brewing in America? Alan McLeod begs to differ and, trust me, you are better off reading Alan McLeod and learning than you would be trying to argue with him. Good … Continue reading

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