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The one wherein I drink a whole bunch of over-hopped pale ales.

Session IPAs are the hottest thing in craft brewing at the moment, as Fortune magazine noted in a story which went online last Friday: How popular are Session beers? Consider this: Founders Brewing Co. introduced its All Day Session IPA … Continue reading

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Hop Bursting, it be a good thing.

As I had feared/hoped, I did open and drink that sample bottle of Stone Go To IPA last night. I found it quite enjoyable and believe that “hop bursting” was successful. As explained in the news release which arrived with … Continue reading

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A potential “go-to” beer named Go to.

I have noted here many times that Stone Brewing Co. has been kind enough to share most of their 22oz bottle releases with me over the years, which I appreciate and which you should be aware of whenever I write … Continue reading

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Let’s you and him fight.

When Don Russell wrote this in his Thursday “Joe Sixpack” column… Session Beer. “Any style of beer . . . [whose] drinkability is a character in the overall balance.” Wait a minute . . . I’m not making that up. … Continue reading

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This is not going to go well at all.

I can only hope the Grand Poobah of All Things Sessionable has had a fine vacation this week ’cause he’s likely to have hisself a fit of apoplexy when he sees this (I have added the boldface, giggling all the … Continue reading

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Andy Crouch on session beers.

Despite recent headlines, American beer culture has a long way to go before lower alcohol drinking gains a true foothold. We have adopted a totally different world view from that of the British session beer experience, which simply isn’t transferable … Continue reading

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Freedom’s just another word for low gravity beer.

Bitter American, which was completely misunderstood by some website somewhere and therefore upset our session beer czar, is also a canned beer, which makes it hipper than hip and thus a beer that we all must drink immediately and possibly … Continue reading

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