Give this man a round of applause.

From an interview reported in today’s edition of Craft Business Daily. The interviewee is John Laffler, late of Goose Island Brewing and the co-founder of Off Color Brewing, both in Chicago:

ON MAKING “IMPORTANT” BEER, NOT IPA. These days, John’s litmus test for making a beer is not whether it tastes good or will make money, but whether it’s “important” and “viable.” That opener led to an anti-IPA rant. “Everybody else makes IPA, so why would we?” said John. “We have Lagunitas opening up, so the price of hoppy beer is plummeting. You see their handles all over Chicago–they make a very nice beer, they make a lot more of it than we possibly can, at a price point we could not possibly match. Nor can we get access to the ingredients like they can.” It’s neither a style he likes nor a business model he desires.

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