Drafting Room 15th Anniversary Ale revealed (see, bitching & moaning works).

I lamented. They caved.

Just received from Howard Weintraub at Drafting Room Exton, the brewing notes & description on the 15th Anniversary Ale to be released next Wednesday. It’s an Imperial IPA:

Brewed exclusively with our friends at Troegs Brewing this bold imperial IPA features a new hop variety called Apollo.  Apollo hops are high acid with an intense aroma.  Married with other high alpha hops, 15th anniversary has an intense staying power in the back of the throat.  “Apollo”  is dubbed by Troegs as a hop with “stinky grapefruit and a hint of perfume.”  The dark color might lead you to believe that some malt may shine through; but no, the hops are the true player in this ale.

OG —  18.5 Plato

ABV —  7%

IBUs —  115

Malt —  Pils, Munich, Crystal

Yeast —  House Ale Yeast

Kettle Hops —  Apollo, Warrior, Palisade, Amarillo

Hopback — Apollo, Columbus

I can see the geeks trembling already. It’s not a pretty sight.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that this beer will also be the 20th Troegs Scratch Beer, Apollo Imperial IPA.

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