This Bud’s for….people who don’t care.

There’s a lot of chatter in the beer world today over last night’s controversial Budweiser ad which takes a shot a craft, ranging from “Craft brewers make fun of Bud, why can’t Bud make fun of craft?” to screams of outrage, many including references to  10 Barrel and Elysian, both recently acquired by AB-InBev and wondering how their founders feel now.

I thought that this, from today’s Beer Business Daily, makes an interesting point (bold-faced by me):

An and marketing executive emailed me shortly after the ad aired and said, in his opinion, “I like their boldness and the fact that they are standing up for their beer.  But they made a huge mistake in attacking craft.  Effectively, they’re trying to create a choice between people who ‘fuss’ over their beer and people who don’t give a darn about what their beer taste like.  In other words, they’re pandering to a shrinking base, as opposed to explaining why even the most discerning beer drinker can appreciate what their product delivers. This will embolden some core Bud drinkers, and make them feel more proud about their choice. They won’t drink more, but they’ll feel better about it.”

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