Yee-Haw! He can run, but he can’t hide.

We got us a Brandon Greenwood sighting, ladies and gents. The peripatetic (formerly “angry”) brewer pops up in my email or Facebook stream now and again but never, ever answers when I ask him what’s up, at least not completely. Last time around, he told me he’d left Lagunitas (Chicago) and was now in Tennessee but never respond to further questions.

Well, we got ‘im (granted, this mostly happened because of a photo he put up on Facebook this morning, but never mind that).

Johnson City, TN—Yee-Haw Brewing Company announced today that it will brew its first beers right in the heart of Johnson City. .

[ … ]

Founding partner Joe Baker noted, “Yee-Haw is a brand that celebrates good beer and good times with friends. We’ve worked hard to create a brand that embraces the rich history, traditions and values of East Tennessee. Downtown Johnson City is growing and we’re excited to be part of the action.”

The Yee-Haw team is joined by Brandon Greenwood, COO & Brewmaster… Greenwood currently oversees the brewery construction… and serves as the mastermind behind the creation and production of its soon-to-be released brews. “Yee-Haw is committed to brewing world class beer. We will provide a quality mix of the finest ales and lagers. Our beer will be bold and flavorful, but easy to drink,” Greenwood said.

For you younger folks out there, Brandon enter the Philly brewing scene at the doomed Red Bell Brewery, moved on to Yards where he helped them get into packaging and, most significantly was the founding brewer at Nodding Head. He’s been a lot of place since, including at stint at The Lion in Wilkes-Barre.

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