Beer Business Daily: Beer is 1.5% of National Gross Domestic Product

From this morning’s issue:


As you may know, every other year the Beer Institute and the National Beer Wholesalers’ Association commission a study to show the vast economic impact the beer industry has on the economy.  In short:  It’s effing huuuuge.  In fact, it ends up being 1.5% of national Gross Domestic Product.  That means for every 100 dollars people spend, one dollar fifty cents goes to beer and the stuff that goes into it.

What’s different this year?  Well, the BI and the NBWA have invited Capitol Hill staffers and Congressmen to a press conference to brief them on the highlights of the report.  And despite the late summer date, BI chief Jim McGreevey told BBD that they’ve gotten over 200 RSVPs.  Of course, they’re serving beer at the conclusion which helps.

The beer industry contributes about $252.6 billion in economic output.  Brewers and beer importers directly employ 49,576 Americans. More than 70 percent of brewing jobs are linked to large and mid-sized brewers and beer importers.  The number of distributor jobs has increased by more than 20%  in the last decade, to more than 131,307.

NBWA’s Craig Purser told BBD that this is really just “good  hygiene and like going to the doctor.  We need to communicate to those who make policy that beer jobs are good jobs  It’s not just about quantity, but quality.  These are living wage distributor jobs.”

Jim added, “You know, people on the Hill love beer.  I always see a smiling face when I meet people on the Hill.  These economic contribution numbers make a huge impact to these people when making policty.”

Craig also pointed out that as we see a comprehensive tax bill coming next year, as well as a highway bill,  “everybody is looking for extra tax revenue”  it behooves the industry go get ahead of this.  Jim also added that it also demonstrates how devastating tax equivalency with liquor would be to our vibrant industry.

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