We lost a good friend this week.

Gary Bredbenner unexpectedly died on Tuesday and that “we” speaks for a lot of the Philadelphia beer and food community who came to know this truly nice guy over the years.

Gary was a recognizable figure at a host of beer events, most memorably for me, at the classic ones at the Grey Lodge Pub, where he always seemed to be right inside the door whenever I showed up. I stood him to a few pints over the years but probably not nearly so many as he provided to me. He was a regular reader and supporter of Liquid Diet and I never saw him without a smile.

The funeral will be Monday at 11AM at the Roat Kriner Funeral Home in Danville, PA. It is likely that he will be wearing an Eagles jersey for his final time with his friends. His friend Daniel Cosper also hopes to send a bottle of Gary’s homebrew to the afterlife with him, something I’m sure he would appreciate.

For anyone who wants to try and be there to say goodbye, Danville is about a two and half hour drive from Philadelphia, roughly ten miles west of Bloomsburg. The Roat Kriner Funeral Home is located at 1715 Bloom Road and the phone number is 570.275.0412.

UPDATED 25 July with corrected date of death.

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