My favorite beer book of 2015.


The World’s Favorite Beverage from 7000 BC to Today’s Craft Beer Revolution
Jonathan Hennessy & Mike Smith, authors; Aaron McConnell, art
Ten Speed Press, Trade Paperback, $18.99, 2015

Comics began to emerge as something more than “just for kids” right about the same time that exciting new brews and breweries were challenging our understanding of what beer was all about. Each became a significant factor in the cultural revolution that changed America’s perceptions of quality and value over the past quarter century, and this volume brilliantly combines them. Written by authors who previously produced similar books about the U.S. Constitution and the Gettysburg Address and illustrated by a brewing industry veteran who is currently head brewer at Connecticut’s Back East Brewing Co., The Comic Book Story of Beer tells a well-researched tale, using striking artwork to bring history to life. It is an educational, engrossing account of man’s favorite beverage from the earliest experiments with fermentation to the current day. Honestly, caricatures of Michael Jackson and Fred Eckhardt in the latter pages are almost worth the price by themselves.

NOTE: I had an end-0f-year book review posting in mind but that never happened. Had I done it, the book above would have received significantly longer and more detailed attention (and still might, because it combines the two topics I have written most about for more than a quarter century, beer and comics); this brief review was written to a specific length for, but not used by, one of the brewspapers to which I contribute. So it goes.*

  *I would also have recommended  Beer Lover’s Mid-Atlantic (Bryan Kolesar, Globe Pequot, Trade Paperback, $21.95) as a thorough and reliable reference tome.

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