Widmer Bros. Hopside Down IPL

IMG_2446Beers do keep showing up hereabouts and that is most assuredly a desirable state of affairs. Sometimes I know they are coming; other times they arrive as a pleasant surprise. The latter was the case this week with the delivery of the beer named in header. Hopside Down IPL (Imperial Pale Lager) was the best-selling beer in the brewery’s Rotator IPA Series (which has been discontinued)  and will now be the spring seasonal. It offers lots of hops and the basic characteristics of a standard IPA in terms of aroma and flavor. More significantly, it is tasty enough for me to, certainly not abandon, but grudgingly admit that my “Don’t screw around with lagers; they are perfect as they are.” standard might be just a tad too conservative.  Two bottles were in the package; the photo is of the second which now sits empty on my desk right next to a  glass into which I poured its former contents. The latter is rapidly approaching the state of emptiness as well, which is perfectly timed because the end of the work day is nigh and so I can start drinking.

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