That time I went to Germany with a bunch of beer people and had dinner 300 meters underground.

Here’s a another blast from the past out of the Liquid Diet archives. This is what happened one day in 2003 while I was traveling with a group of beer wholesalers and other media on a tour provided by importer Jeff Coleman and his company, Distinguished Brands International. the lovely and talented PR maven Sheryl Barto was the one who selected the writers to participate in these adventures (I think I was on four trips, maybe five). This particular segment still contains photos as many of my “out of the past” posts do not since they are no longer online wherever the hell it was that I used to put them online, so that’s nice.

This link will take you to the original post from when you should be able to go back or forward and read more about the entire trip.  Here is how the report for that night underground begins…

It’s dark as a dungeon, way down in the mines…”
Given that I make part of my living writing about beer, it’s a bit embarrassing to admit that I wasn’t at all familiar with C. & A. Veltins before the invitation for this trip arrived and I started doing some research. Given that this 178-year old brewery is the fourth or fifth largest brewer of premium pilsener in that pilsner-drinking nation, that was a serious oversight I’m happy to have corrected. And even happier, comes to that, to have had a chance to see their stunning facility built into the side of a mountain in the village of Grevenstein and to have been duly impressed with their beer, their operation and their clever approach to advertising and promotion.

All that said, our two days at Veltins will probably be best remembered for a most unusual dinner which we were served nearly 1,000 feet under the surface of the earth.


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