Worthwhile questions or grumpy old bastard? I Facebook, you decide.

So this is something I did today because I felt like doing something today in lieu of straightening up the mess that is my desk. I mean, who knows what horrors might lie at the bottom of pile #2?

This comment from Greg Koch in that very worthwhile reading interview caught my eye…

> With every thrust that craft beer has made, there’s been a parry by big beer. We talked about choice. It used to be that back in the day, there was no choice. I was in the Burbank airport recently and it had seven IPAs on tap – all from breweries owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev. That’s the parry. We haven’t won the battle of choice yet, but to the average consumer it looks like we have. People are like, “What battle? I have more choices than ever!” But from the insider view, that’s the illusion of choice, not the reality of choice. We, of course, are still fighting for it. <

First of all, he implies that all 7 of those IPAs are exactly same (as I interpret it), which I assume is not the case. Secondly, I think the more important issue here is that a pub or restaurant would have  7 IPAs on tap at once. Would it be okay if all 7 came from 7 different breweries with independent ownerships? Would that be enhancing or limiting “choice?” Or am I just a grouchy old bastard nitpicking his way through a Saturday afternoon?

There’s a story that Greg Koch, Sam Calagione and Bill Covaleski like to tell.
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