Gotta-be-there event of the week.

Okay, event–of–Friday. Whatever.

Sly Fox Chester Country Bitter, the first real ale in its new real ale program, will be on the handpump [corrected 7:18pm] at Sly Fox Brewery & Eatery in Phoenixville tomorrow as the featured brew for the monthly Third Friday Firkin Fest.

This is the first batch they’ve brewed which was destined for firkins and handpumps from the git-go; the entire process was aimed at producing real cask ale. In other words, this is not just one of their standard beers kegged prior to filtering which was not primarily intended to be served on a handpump, but a beer made specifically for handpump or gravity serving.

Chester County Bitter has been properly dry-hopped and fined with isinglass to insure a nice clear pint. Mr. O’Reilly is most excitedly excited and garrulous about his new baby and I have to admit I am kinda eager to give it a try myself. If you’ve never had a true cask ale and all this works out as promised, you’ll know why that is so at your first sip.

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