Smile for the camera.

There will come a day, one which I am not nearly ready for, when it’s not going to be possible (in the sense of “nobody will care”) to do a blog without making video the primary component. I am not ready because it’s yet another bit of technology to master and, well, I ain’t no camera-friendly beauty these days.

The Vlog (video blog) is the wave of the future (in our industry, Stone Brewing’s Greg Koch was an early adopter). Today I received an email reminder about Beer Stained Letter, the great New Jersey-based site of the very talented Jeff Linkous where his professional-level videos are the main feature.  It came in the form of the link to his latest effort , a look at the third beer in the new big bottle series from Flying Fish in Cherry Hill, Exit 1 Bayshore Oyster Stout, and the revitalized Delaware Bay oyster industry.

You can see it here.

Very well done, I’m sure you will agree, even though it includes ample evidence that not all of us non-camera-friendly beer writers are as protective of the audience’s delicate sensibilities as am I. One quibble though: it seems odd to me to do over eight minutes on the topic without even a glimpse or mention of the ineffable Casey Hughes, much less the sound of his mellifluous voice. That is, as they say on sports radio, a violation.

And here’s another, new video-centric site, Beer Nation, by a couple of guys named Mike & Seth out of New York, also very well done.

When this craze really takes off, do you think Craft Ale House will buy Big Dan a camcorder?

That would be awesome.

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