Lancaster Brewing Changes. The Update.

I just got off the phone with Bill Moore and have some additional information about the change in operations at Lancaster Brewing Co.

The one thing several people began asking me yesterday was the fate of brewmaster Christian Heim and sales guy John Frantz. Both are no longer with the company; in fact, a whole new management team is in place there.

“This whole thing came as a surprise to them and to me,” Bill told me. “It all was dumped in my lap last Wednesday afternoon and with the New Year’s holiday coming right on top of that, I’m just beginning to get my feet on the ground and find out how this affects everything.”

He was understandably reluctant to say much more. “I understand it’s your job to report the news,” he acknowledged, “but I don’t want to muddy the waters until I have all the facts. Once I do, I’ll be happy to tell you everything I know.”

Bill did add one more tidbit, with a rueful laugh. “I had a pretty good gig going here, working only four days a week, but this new job is definitely full-time.”

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