Sly Fox Announces Rt. 113 IPA Cans.

As is pretty much always the case, a lot of people were already in on the secret, but the official story broke today on the Sly Fox Facebook page. Rt. 113 IPA, the beer customers have been clamoring for in cans, will become a reality a month or so down the road. I’ve put up stories on the news pages at the Beer Yard and Sly Fox sites.

Now we can start bugging The O’Reilly about getting Saison Vos into cans, or Grisette. You know he just loves it when we do that. And the rumors persist, of course, about O’Reilly’s Stout in 16oz widget cans, but that’s a way-down-the-road project if it ever happens at all. That story took on a life of its own when brewery operations manager Tim Ohst was misquoted in a Washington Post story.

Finally, let’s give a shout-out to the man who inspired Rt. 113, Big Dan Bengel, who back in the day challenged O’Reilly to “make me a beer as big as the road which runs by your door.” Unlike many of Dan’s ideas, this one seems to have worked out quite well.

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