Stephen Beaumont Did It So I Wouldn’t Have To. But I Did Anyway.

A week or so ago, I walked outside my front door and found a large, somewhat heavy package awaiting me. This is what was inside:


And this is what was inside that:

Complete with these instructions:

I was going to tell you all about this but, fortunately, Stephen Beaumont already did that, so I’ll only say I experimented with it that night using a can of Phoenix Pale Ale and a bottle of Storm King Imperial Stout. The results were not good, especially that pouring-the-beer-down-the-center-of-the-glass thing which, as Stephen notes, makes no damned sense at all.

I tried twice, never did get anything other than a  glass filled with a black mixture of beer, except… Mmmm, Storm King and Phoenix–a little weird but not bad.

I refuse to be defeated. However, I also refuse to do any more of the work myself. So I will be taking the Brolly over to Sly Fox Phoenixville to see which unlucky bartender gets to try and make this all work out.

Because, you know, I really drink a lot of Black & Tans.


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