Caught on camera with the Irascible and the Inexplicable.

First ever female Beer Drinker of the Year Cornelia Corey tagged me in a Facebook album last night because I appeared in two photographs she took at the 2003 Nodding Head Royal Stumble. I thought I would share them with you to get your week off to a great start because I know that there’s nothing like a photo of me to brighten up a dreary Monday. Fortunately, just so you don’t get too high, I am not alone in these photos, thus dimming their luster somewhat.

Here I am chatting with, but leaning careful away from just in case, then reigning Nodding Head brewmaster Brandon Greenwood, the legendary “Angry Brewer” who has since moved on and, from what I can tell from our infrequent chats, is a much happy lad these days. I guess it was all you Philadelphians who riled him up.

You will of course all recognize the rather goofy-looking figment of my imagination who accompanies me above. Why he is dressed like that may have something to do with the theme of that particular Royal Stumble or may have been a desperate plea for attention.

That Stumble was the one where I brought along the infamous Mike Murphy, who is now the  production manager at Gourmet Bryggeriet in Denmark, and managed to get him in the door even though the event was sold out. He proceeded to thank me by eventually getting into a shouting argument with Brandon who found him on the back stairs where he was not supposed to be.

Ah, the memories…

Update: I am reminded in the Comments below that yesterday marked the long-ago birth of the aforementioned figment. If you were as unconscionably forgetful as was I, join me now in sending him belated felicitations. Or not, as your conscience may dictate.

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