Bitch and Moan and Predict Disaster If You Must…

…but you must also admit that this is pretty nice.

I get the feeling that a goodly number of the people out there, both within the industry and within the rest of the beer-drinking world, are bound and determined to find some horrible disaster in the emergence of Origlio as the leading craft beer wholesaler in the Philadelphia region.

Chill. That’s my advice.

Yes, there are still a lot of problems which are not all that uncommon with a major shift in people and facilities such as this has been.

Yes, some of the pre-existing Origlio sales force have their heads spinning with what has suddenly been thrust onto their plates, maybe more of them than not. And there’s no doubt that some portion of them don’t really give a damn or understand what is happening. A craft lineup is a long, long way from taking orders for pallets of Coors Light.

Then again, Dominic Origlio gave away the rights to Yuengling for peanuts many years back and had to pay millions to regain them recently.

The man ain’t dumb and he does what he has to do to succeed.

And success is clearly his aim.

Draught Lines is but one tangible bit of evidence of that, a new, five-times-a-year publication which will be distributed in bulk to the wholesalers retail accounts for their customers. It is a customer version of Heady Times, their long-running quarterly magazine for retailers.

Pick up a copy if you see one. You might just be surprised.

Here’s one thing that struck me as an example, since a lot of people were telling me that, when Origlio picked up Sly Fox early last year, O’Reilly’s Stout, one of the company’s breakout beers which was picking up a whole run of permanent taps in a wide range of breweries, would be lost in the shuffle as the wholesaler would “lose” it in deference to its long relationship with Guinness. Well, O’Reilly’s has more taps than ever, I believe, and check out the back cover of Draught Lines to see that both those stouts, and Murphy’s, are getting their visual shots (along with mentions in the text of two Imperial Stouts Origlio also distributes, Saranac High Peaks and Weyerbacher Heresy).

Grab a copy, if only because…

Where else are you ever gonna get a pinup photo of that Power Trio on the front cover?

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