Sly Fox will can Resurrection Ale for The Brewer’s Art.

I have held a sample can in my hands so there is no denying that this is true.

I have held that sample can in my hands while standing inside The Brewer’s Art and watching brewer Steve Frazier laugh hysterically when I told him I tried to break this story in my Mid-Atlantic Brewing News column two issues ago but had to sort of skate around it when fellow columnist Alexander Mitchell, who covers Baltimore for MABN, asked the folks at BA about the my item which were still in the production stage and then reported back to editor Greg Kitsock:


When he’d finished laughing, Steve said that, what the hell, they might deny it this time as well.

But I have held the can in my hands, a can which was part of a first run when was out of register and is now being redone. I am my own substantiation at this point.

As the schedule now stands, Resurrection will be canned and released to market in late May or early June.

I’m not quite saying “Told ya, told ya!” but I’m close. After inadvertently sitting on that Anchor Brewing story for four hours or so last night because of stupidity and inattention, I needed something like this to perk me up.

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