If you were Iron Hill, what comes next?

Iron Hill has not won a major award or announced the location of a new restaurant in, what, nearly a week now? They must be getting very antsy in corporate HQ falling behind schedule like this.

Well, I hear rumors, I do.

And since they can’t—yet—give themselves a major award, such rumors necessarily have to do with a new Iron Hill located in….? Indeed, I have rumors of two potential locations, one of which would be a real shocker.

I will neither reveal nor conjecture, however. I did that about a second New Jersey site that was being explored a while back and got my fingers burnt.

Instead, let’s play a game.

You folks tell me where you think the next Iron Hill will open and let’s see if we can get a consensus.

Not where you’d like it to open, understand, but a location which you think would make good sense and fit into their business plan.

Can you think like a very successful brewer?

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