Smile for the camera.

Buddy and I spent an hour or so at Craft Ale House today to be photographed for a Philly Beer Scene story, which was harder work than it might seem on the surface. For a crusty old bastard such as I to smile prettily into the camera is not a simple task as it goes against my nature. I’m counting on dog-cute to carry us through and into print.

We did that out on the terrace for photographer Alison Dunlap who drove all the way from New Jersey to preserve us for posterity. Inside at the bar, I experienced an epiphany when I discovered that Sierra Nevada sales rep Patrick Mullin, while he doesn’t answer my emails at all or, if he does, too late to be any help., is happy to spend some corporate bucks on buying me a beer. Is there any nicer sound than “Put that on my tab” from down the other end of the bar?

Also got leads from Patrick and CAF honcho Gary Fry about a couple of things going on in the beer world that I will be looking into, Tomorrow I’m off to DC early on for this, however, so posting will be light or non-existent until Sunday afternoon or even Monday if I get myself wore down by hanging with brewers.

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