Dax Redux: first two-time Sly Fox Goat Race winner runs into history.

Dax, owned by Tana Goodshall and raced by Karl Lorah, repeated his 2009 victory in the annual Sly Fox Goat Race today. so they won’t even have to change the chalkboards to list the 2010 Sly Fox Maibock. Dax Maibock has the likely-never-to-be-matched distinction of being the last one poured at the old Sly Fox Phoenixville and the first to be poured at the new location, open just over a week.

As noted in an earlier post, I am serious ill and fain would lie down, so a more extensive report, here, at the Beer Yard site and on the Sly Fox site will have to wait until tomorrow or later. For now, just a few thoughts:

It is amazing that the Sly Fox gang was able to pull off this major, major event with so few glitches so soon after moving across the street into a different venue. Yes. it was the ninth Bock Fest and Goat Race (11th overall, counting the two held at New Road in 2000 and 2001), but it was also the first of the modern era.

Did I say, “major. major?” Sly Fox’s Pete Giannopoulos estimate the crowd at “between 4,000 and 5.000 people.” It was surely the largest gathering ever and 40s-goats competed in a multi-heat race in which several of the races where right down to the wire and a few entrants were disqualified when their handlers crossed the finish line ahead of the animals. Dax won his heat in a photo finish decided at the wire and his second title when Lorah leaped into the air at the finish line to allow the animal to get ahead of him by a nose as they crossed.

All in all, an extraordinary afternoon at the new digs.

That’s it for me. Here are some photos to tide you over. I’ve also uploaded these and more to the Sly Fox Facebook page (and it was hell doing so for some reason). The first two show Dax approaching the finish line in the championship run and then being held overhead to the cheers of the crowd by Lorah. The second two should provide some idea of the massive crowd on hand.

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