Will the madness never end? [Update]

No sooner do I post a major Beer Yard story about all the newcomers leaping into the canned beer arena than our local pioneer in the game takes it one step farther.

Coming late this summer, the first-ever (as far as I know) Oktoberfest in a can from Sly Fox.

Also, the cold box at Royersford is filled to the brim with a run of cans from last week, the first-ever run of The Brewer’s Art Resurrection Ale in a can, just awaiting the truck from Baltimore.

Update: The fine human beings at CraftCans.com have a database of every canned craft beer in the nation and confirm that Sly Fox Oktoberfest Lager will be the first example of the style to be canned. I do love it when I’m proven right, even if it does happen all the time, except when it doesn’t.

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