Wherein I turn the other cheek in order to bring you the news you need to know.

Below is the description of ExPorter, the Philly Beer Camp “Ball Tick” Porter brewed at Sierra Nevada several weeks back, as it appears on the menu at Teresa’s Next Door. I am going to assume that you know enough of the story to know who the named individuals are without explanation. You will probably be shocked to see  that the author, one Andy Dickerson, goes out of his way to try and hurt my feelings and yet I press on with neither reprisals nor anger. What a guy.

Sierra Nevada ExPorter – Chico, CA. Ball Tick Porter. This beer was made at beer camp, yes, Beer Camp. The 25th Beer camp that Sierra has offered, included only 12 prominent beer folk from Philadelphia. (How I got invited? We will never know.) This cast of Publicans (Tom, Fergie, Spanky, Scoats, Bruce, Adam, myself and token Terry), two beer writers (Don and Lew, sorry Jack), and craft distributors (Matt and Greg) rolled into Chico full of ideas; some agreeable to all, some agreeable only to one. The original name for the beer was D. Port Her. In honor of Terry, of the London Grill, who the boys constantly and unanimously voted against her style and ingredient choices 11-1 time and time again… We didn’t want almonds in our beer. So, we ended up with a Philly-Style Porter; drinkable, balanced, ultra subtle hints of smoke. Roast and hops find balance in this much overlooked and under-appreciated style. Try one now, and try one next year after Vinnie ages some for us in Dumol Pinot Noir barrels.

The news here, first time I’ve heard it at least, is in that final sentence. The Shy and Retiring Lew Bryson (copyright Jack Curtin’s Liquid Diet, 2010)* made mention in a post somewhere recently of the “second stage” of the project and I would assume this is it. I’ll try to find out more and let you know since the cat, such as it is, is out of the bag now.

*Since I dropped the “Most Beloved Beer Writer” tag which I often attached to mentions of Mr. Bryson in times past, and “Sainted” seems a bit much, I have filed copyright on a description no one could possibly argue with to satisfy the demands of those readers who keep telling me that they feel something is missing when I present the man sans definition. I really do live to serve.

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