The dog days of August…

…have come a little early for the management hereabouts, probably some sort of psychological lull before the Big Change.

Whatever that is.

In any case, that portion of the executive team which was raised as a Catholic has at least retained from that dark period an active sense of guilt and therefore points those visitors arriving here in search of the usual steady mix of the ravings of your crazy uncle in the attic to check out


and most certainly this this

…plus, showing how desperate things are, Lew too.

With regard to the latter, I still clench my fists in anger whenever I recall how the editorial folks at Mid-Atlantic Brewing News, a brand new and all too innocent publication back in those days, religiously cut from my column each and every cynical and bitter comment I tried to get by them concerning each and every unbelievable Red Bell “news” release that was happily published in the Inquirer month after month after month.

More soon. Or not. We can only hope.

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