Immersed in Philly Beer Week: Checking In.

I’ll try to post in more detail as soon as I get to sit at the desk for more than a few minutes, but here’s a quickie for the last two days.

Dinner at The Whip Tavern appears to have been a success, starting with attendance, with all table seats sold (no overflow to the bar, though) and a very good reaction and great-t0-hear comments at the end as many hung around to chat and drink a bit more. Kitchen and waitstaff were amazing, earning a standing ovation at night’s end. Among the courses we offered, the combination of Roast Breast of Pheasant and Grilled Sausage of Pheasant and Cognac with Bread Sauce and Orkney Skull Splitter and Fraoch Heather Ale, which was the one I most anticipated going in, was spectacular, the beers being a tribute, in the reverse of their listing above, to the ancient beginnings and the modern expertise of Scotch Ales).

Last night I went down to Monk’s Cafe for “The Most Expensive Beer Dinner Ever,” another Stephen Beaumont mind-blower(his concepts for his annual visits to Mr. Peters and Carey’s beer emporium are always great fun). As I said, more details soon, but here were the beers we enjoyed: Cantillon St. Lamvinus, DeuS, Firestone Walker 11 (Oh! My! God!), four-year old J. W. Lee Harvest in a Calvados wooden cask, Port Brewing Older Viscoscity and a little something called Samuel Adams Utopias. Has there ever been, anywhere, a beer lineup like that?

The desserts at each event, The Whip’s Sticky Toffee Pudding with Innis & Gunn Oak Aged Ale and Melbourn Brothers Apricot Lambic (a last minute replacement for Kelpie Seaweed Ale because the latter couldn’t be moved from the Baltimore importers where it arrived on Monday through the tangled liquor law system to be here in time and let me say Dammit! about that) and four select English Cheeses with Fuller’s 2006 Vintage Ale and Mackeson’s Triple Stout and Monk’s Chocolate Bourbon Bread Pudding and Chocolate Plate with the latter two beers on its astounding beer presentation were also most memorable.

Such fun.

Tonight I’ll be at Standard Tap to taste all the Philadelphia Brewing Company beers and then judging the Philly Beer Geek finals at Johnny Brenda’s. Whether I’ll make the Nodding Head Brewer’s Happy Hour tomorrow afternoon is up in the air, but I will be at the Museum Tasting on Saturday afternoon and both the Real Ale Fest at Triumph and the Jackson Tribute Dinner at Monk’s on Sunday.

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