What’s Happening. Or Not.

The deal between Tanczos Beverage of Bethlehem and Allentown Beverage of (where else?) Allentown, under which the latter would acquire the former, has fallen through. I’m now told that Tanczos has reached an agreement with All Star Distributing in Reading and is in the process of sending out paperwork to its brands re: the transfer of their distribution rights. What all this will mean, if anything, to the beer consumer in the markets Tanccos served is not clear, at least to me.

Catching up on another rumor, the one about the break-up of a local brewery that I hinted at back on March 5, all I can say is that, at this point, confusion reigns. I was told about it by two very reliable sources and it was confirmed, albeit with caveats, by one of the principals in a telephone message he left me. Yesterday, however, one of my original sources told me that the other principal told him that he doesn’t know what his partner is talking about. So, that “keep tuned” thing? Still applicable.

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