Giving the Devil Its Due.

First I read Don Russell’s rave report last night and then Brian O’Reilly called this morning with a rave of his own. It looks like Devil’s Den at 11th & Ellsworth is gonna be the latest hot spot in the suddenly burgeoning South Philly beer scene.

The Den is the new endeavor by the folks who run Old Eagle Tavern, the relatively undiscovered Manayunk gem located up the street and around the corner from the (copyright, by me, 1997 – and now being used in their advertising without my permission, so you owe me some big bucks, Wilby…or, what the heck, a beer) “World’s Greatest Bar.”

Apparently a whole bevy of industry movers and shakers were on hand but O’Reilly was there by happenstance, choosing to drop in on the opening to wait for a late arriving plane carrying wife Whitney and daughter Patience back home from a few days respite from his charming, positive personality. It worked out well for him, though, as a jeroboam of his Renard d’Or was brought out to be shared among the guests and he got to bask in its reflected glory. Plus he was delighted to see Saison Vos on tap (that’s one of the two you missed, Don).

Some guys just live right.

It’s nights like that and the possibility of experiencing them without a whole lotta travel hassle and train-catching desperation that currently fuels my desire to relocate into the city. And its thoughts like that which scares the pants off of folks in there who’ve been getting away with a lot of stuff away from prying eyes.

Sometimes already without pants.

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