Double, double, toil and trouble… [UPDATED]

If you can lay your hands on a bottle of Witch’s Wit from The Lost Abbey, you’re going to be faced with more than the usual decision of whether to drink it now or lay it away for later. The latter choice might not involve plans to open and enjoy it some time down the road, but rather to maintain it as a collectible, either for your own purposes or as a possible money-maker when the right bidder comes along.

This just became a a bottle a lot of non-beer folks are likely to be seeking out because Lost Abbey upset a few folks with his label design. If he ends up being turned into a toad, we’ll all know why.

I’d make a Christine O’Donnell joke here, but that’s just too easy.

[UPDATE] — I have talked with Tomme Arthur since this was posted and he tells me that there has been no agreement to change the label and that he is in fact against the idea and is “respecting my artist’s . All we have done is agree to talk about it.”

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