One of Those “Inside Baseball” Posts….

…about which a goodly number of you might not care at all, but I’ve been sitting on it for so long I couldn’t go on if I didn’t finally get the word out.

The Kennett Brewfest is paying attending brewers for the beer this year, which is a Very Good Thing…and About Time. I believe it’s in the form of an honorarium or some such, but essentially they are buying the beer.

As they should.

I have a personal interest in this in that Kennett Square is where I was born and grew up and I’ve been harassing Jeff Norman about getting the fest on the straight and narrow for years. Now his committee has finally seen the light, the battle has been won and It’s All Good.

And, yes, I am fully aware that I’ve never posted my long-promised “state of the union” position on brewers giving away their beer for free. It will happen when I find the time.

Meanwhile, kudos all around to the Kennett folks. You done good.

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