Questions, Questions…

Two things I’m being asked in light of the Sly Fox Bock Festival on Sunday…

Why can’t they put a beer station on the far side of the parking lot, next to the food station they established this year?

‘Tis illegal, I’m afraid. Their license is only to sell beer on premises, which is defined basically as right adjacent to the brewery. And getting a one-day license to sell beer off premises (i.e, where you suggested) would require that the whole area be fenced off and contained under the stipulations of that license.

Can you name all the winning goats from the first race to the current one?

You bet:

2000 – George (A Maibock Named George)

2001 – Clover

Those two races were held at New Road Brew House.

At Sly Fox:

2002 – Ernie

2003 – Nelly

2004 – Weird Beard (best name ever!)

2005 – Savannah

2006 – Han

2007 – Sundae

2008 – Jasper

Often a bridesmaid, never a bride: Entrekin (two seconds, two thirds).

Question back atcha:

Should Sly Fox celebrate next year’s race as the 10th Anniversary or only count the races run there?

I say….yes. Ten is ten.

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