The Day Victory Re-Opened.

I spent the better part of two-an-a-half hours this afternoon drinking beer with the vivacious and fast-traveling Ms. Suzanne Woods (Suzy to some, SEW to others), delaying her from her appointed rounds of visiting somewhere in the neighborhood of 123 beer spots in the Philly suburbs in a single afternoon.

We did this at the officially-now-open Victory Brewing Restaurant, sitting at the new bar and determining that a) I really can drive, b) her sister really should have come to the Sly Fox Goat Races on Sunday and c) Kerry really is a pretty good bartender. For Downingtown.

This was Kerry’s subtle, possibly subconscious reaction to that last:

Also in the house, for various parts of the afternoon, Bill Covaleski, Ron Barchet, Steve German, Richard Ruch, Lew Bryson, Mark Haynie, Kevin Rowe, Bryan Kolesar and some others I’m surely forgetting.

I’d tell you all about it, but I’m getting paid to do that elsewhere, so you’ll have to wait roughly a month. Bummer.

To hold you over, a whole buncha pix, with brief, possibly cryptic, comments:

What you’ll see when you step inside the door, although maybe with a better caliber of people, who knows.

Say goodbye to where the fabled long bar use to be.

Say hello to the new bar.

This is the fabled growler filler you’ve heard so much about. It’s not working yet. Sorta like Ruch.

And, finally, the Beer Delivery System which will feed 60 taps and 20 beers on draught, three lines for each, one at the main bar and one each at service taps along the rear wall at either end of the bar (this one’s for Scoats).

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