Home Is the Wanderer…Although You MIght Not See Him for Long.

I’m back. Great trip to Idaho–easy travel, incredible weather, superb granddaughter, much beer and frivolity. Doesn’t get much better than that.

I’ll post what I can over the next few hours but there’s a bit of a double entendre in the headline above which will affect that.

The more serious issue is that demon webmaster Scoats has had enough of my foolishness, or maybe his contract on the old space is running out, and he needs must do the Big Switch at some point today (hopefully not until evening), in which case this segment of the site will, barring some unlikely miracle, again go blank and provide your anxious eyes with naught by an Error Message unless I do a ReDirect to either the old site or the Mermaids blog for the nonce, which is what I’m thinking.

In any case, confusion will reign and dismay will prevail.

Welcome home, Jack.

The other issue in the double meaning above is that, a week from this very day, I will depart on a classic Road Trip with an evil companion, bound for Montreal and Mondial de la Biere, so I’ll be gone physically in any case and unable to post from there except at the Mermaids site if the issue here isn’t resolved by then.

Plus there’s a holiday in there somewhere.

Such angst.

All will be dealt with in one way or another. Or maybe I’ll just give up this crazy business and live in the real world. It sure was easy and pleasant there the last five days…

For those, among them I assume most especially all the Belgian 28, who are looking to see and touch and buy a drink for, well, me, I hope to be at Union Jack’s on the Manatawny come Friday night, drawn by the rare appearance of the incredible Sly Fox Panacea Barleywine that will be pouring (Tom Steigelmann called me in Idaho to let me know, having been made aware of my affection for that particular brew) and I’m sure the rest of the weekend will include some attraction or other of which I’m not yet aware.

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