A sour note.

In yesterday’s report on the Sly Fox Anniversary Party, I neglected to include the rather important fact that the final toast of the Brewmaster’s Breakfast given by founder Pete Giannopoulos was made with the new sour version of Incubus Tripel, called Succubus. Addled old brain and all that, I guess…

I believe the beer was well received. Certainly the bottles I saw being carried out–limit of two to a customer–would indicate that. I’d sampled it twice before and found it very enjoyable. It’s not smack-you-in-the-face sour but subtly so; my impression was that it is already developing a bit more depth of flavor than the earlier bottles I had. Pleasant enough sipping on its own, Succubus is a beer which seems ideally suited to be paired with cheeses, grapes, even a not too overpowering chocolate thing. It’s a limited release and only available at the pubs while it lasts, as far as I know (and maybe only Phoenixville).

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