On the Road with Lew (hints of things to come).

At least one of the sentences in this sequence is not true:

The last act undertaken by consummate family man Lew Bryson, America’s Most Beloved Beer Writer (© Liquid Diet – the Blog, 2008 ), before leaving the country last week was to sternly advise all of that family–wife, children, sister, aging parents–“don’t call me, I’ll call you.”

At the Canadian border, this same Lew Bryson was detained as a suspicious character by the Customs and Immigrations Dept.

Once in Montreal, Lew Bryson insisted on drinking at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Make what you will of that, ’cause it’s all I got until the morrow.

Comes the dawn of a new day, however, questions will be answered and answers questioned as the truth is revealed about my journey to visit Our Friends to the North (you have to say that at least once in any story referencing Canada, it’s the law) in the company of my good friend to attend the 2008 Mondial de la Biere last week.

Revealed right here, of course. It may be that distorted and whitewashed versions of the truth will appear somewhere else online, but you know who you can rely on for an unvarnished, totally objective recounting of events.

I will, assuming I finish plowing through the things which awaited my return, begin posting the Official Record in the morning and continue until I am done.

Be forewarned that understanding the story at its deepest levels will require a bit of Pop Culture background, so if you don’t know who Hugo “Hurley” Reyes is or what his back story is on Lost, use your free time between now and then to catch up.

Be further forewarned that I have reached certain conclusions which you may find stunning or disturbing, and have done so with great sorrow and at great personal risk.

Beer was also involved.

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