Get Your Butt Outta Here With That Butt (Pennsylvania Plans to Be Dragged, Kicking and Screaming, Into the 21st Century).

There is hilarious hilarity going on over here as people who seem to have no idea about how government works or why it exists, or fancy themselves the last, best advocates of total freedom, or just want to, you know, smoke while the rest of us be damned, rage against the dying of the light, namely the matches that will no longer be needed when the (finally) statewide smoking ban (with all too many caveats and exemptions) goes into effect here in Pennsylvania at summer’s end, assuming the Guv signs it as promised when it’s delivered to his desk as promised.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll weep for the future of our nation…

Meanwhile, here’s a bit of unasked for advice for publicans across the state:




Don’t wait for the 90-day waiting period (edited to correct, initial entry said “60-day”) to expire and the law to go into effect. All the restaurants, pubs and brewpubs that have already gone no smoking showed that they had the courage to make a difficult decision and to do so on their own terms and timetable.

That’s a good image.

Waiting out the inevitable and then being “forced” to make the change is another image altogether, that of the poor, weak victim.

That would suck.

Man up and get on with it.

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