Two years ago, on this very day…

…roughly an hour or so from when this posts, everything changed here at Liquid Diet World Headquarters.

Yes, today is the second anniversary of the arrival of His Canine Highness on the premises. Click the link for the story of his arrival and the way he looked then. Above is how he looks now.

Our first day went reasonably well. As I commented at day’s end beneath that original post:

Today has been that awkward back and forth, almost-but-not-quite, what-the-hell-are-you-doing? first date sort of thing. Neither one of us has peed on the floor, both of us have taken our meds and now, sober and not-so, we sleep until the morrow.

Buddy has been a fine addition to the household and has brightened my life beyond measure, and I’m not just saying that because at this point he is in total control (well, maybe a little bit because he is now  in total control). This is him in one of his favorite spots and poses, watching TV. Yes, he watches TV and don’t give me that stuff about dogs not being able to see the screen because he curls his lip every time Sarah Palin appears on screen, which is way too often for both our tastes.

Comes to that, I guess it needs to be acknowledged that All-Palin-all-the-time-news-coverage is one of several things that have occurred since his arrival which  annoy me in ways large and small: for example, entirely too much snow for two winters now, Glee, and The Session Beer Project. It might seen that such things are my own personal plague of locusts  sent as a reminder this is still a vale of tears, but I choose  believe instead that Mr. B was in fact sent by the gods because they knew such things were going to happen.

We’re going to go for a walk now. I really should keep working but it’s not like I have a choice.

Totally in charge.

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